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Gold Coast Appliance Installations

The Go-To For Appliance Installations

In the radiant heart of the Gold Coast, your home deserves to function at its best. Whether you're setting up a state-of-the-art kitchen, updating your laundry, or simply adding convenience to your living space, SMRT is your trusted partner in appliance installation. We specialise in ensuring that your appliances are set up securely, efficiently, and in harmony with your home's aesthetics.


Our skilled technicians are well-equipped to handle a variety of appliances, but it's our commitment to precision and your peace of mind that truly sets us apart. And while we don't do repairs, we excel in making sure your installations won’t need them. Dive into effortless living, and let SMRT power your comfort.

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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Appliances with SMRT

Choosing the right team for appliance installation can make a world of difference, not only in the immediate setup but also in the long-term performance of your equipment. At SMRT, we don't just plug and play; we ensure that your appliances seamlessly integrate with your space and serve you optimally for years to come.

Expertise Across Brands

Whether you've chosen a Bosch oven or a Samsung refrigerator, our technicians are well-versed with a myriad of brands, guaranteeing an installation in line with manufacturer guidelines.

Most Appliances Fitted

No matter what the appliance is, our team approaches every installation with a keen eye for detail, ensuring your appliance fits aesthetically and functionally within your home.

Time Efficiency

We respect your time. Our team ensures prompt installations, so you can start enjoying your new appliance without undue delays.

Safety First

We adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring all installations meet or exceed industry standards, protecting both your home and your loved ones.

Or Call Us: 0427 733 914

Types Of Appliances We Install

At SMRT, we can help with most appliance installations on the Gold Coast. Here's a list of common appliances we can install (but we can install lots more!)

Fridges - including models fitted with ice or cold water dispenser
Cooktops - including gas, electric & induction
Washing machines
Clothes dryers
Range hoods
Air conditioners
Electric hot water systems
Built-in microwaves
Ceiling fans
Wall mounted televisions
Home theatre systems
Computers, printers, and data
Garbage disposal
Exhaust fans or bathroom heat lights
Electric heaters
Outdoor kitchen appliance set up
Wine fridge
Built-in coffee machines
Pool pumps

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Dishwasher Tools

Why Choose SMRT For Your Appliance Installation?

Blending local knowledge with global expertise, SMRT is your premier choice for appliance installations on the Gold Coast. Experience the blend of technical prowess and coastal warmth that only we can offer.

Premium Expertise: From high-end stovetops to advanced home entertainment systems, our technicians have mastered the nuances of diverse appliances, ensuring impeccable installation every time.

Safety at the Forefront: Our team never cuts corners. We uphold the highest safety standards, ensuring that every installation is secure and adheres to all local and manufacturer guidelines.

Transparent Transactions: We believe in clear and honest pricing. With no hidden fees and surprise add-ons, what we quote is what you pay.

Dedication to Satisfaction: Our commitment doesn't end post-installation. We're here for any follow-up queries, ensuring you're always satisfied and well-informed about your new appliance.

Timely and Tidy: We understand the value of time in the fast-paced rhythm of the Gold Coast. Our team is prompt and respects your space, ensuring we leave no trace behind, only a perfectly installed appliance.

Continued Local Support: As a company based in Burleigh Heads and covering the entirety of the Gold Coast, our support is just a quick call away. Whenever you need assistance or have questions about your appliance, SMRT is here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of appliances does SMRT install?

We offer installation services for a wide range of household and commercial appliances. Some of the common appliances we install include:

  • Fridges, especially those fitted with an ice maker or cold water dispenser

  • Cooktops, including induction, gas, and electric variants

  • Ovens, notably the pyrolytic self-cleaning types

  • Stoves

  • Dishwashers

  • Washing machines

  • Clothes dryers

  • Rangehoods

  • Air conditioners

  • Electric hot water systems ... and much more! Check our full list to see if your appliance is covered or simply give us a call.

2. Is there a warranty on the installation service?

Yes, all our installation services come with a warranty. The duration and terms of the warranty might vary depending on the appliance type and brand. We stand behind our work and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our service.

3. Do I need to purchase any additional materials or accessories?

In most cases, we provide all the necessary materials for installation. However, specific requirements or preferences might necessitate additional purchases. Our team will communicate any such needs in advance.

4. How long does a typical installation take?

The duration of an installation varies based on the appliance type, location, and any complexities related to the space where the appliance will be installed. However, our team is committed to efficiency, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

5. Can I schedule an installation outside regular business hours?

We understand the busy lives of our Gold Coast customers. While we primarily operate during standard business hours, accommodations can occasionally be made for after-hours installations. Please reach out to discuss availability.

6. Are your technicians trained for specific brands or models?

Absolutely! Our technicians undergo regular training and are familiar with a myriad of brands and models. Whether you've got a high-end European kitchen appliance or a widely recognized brand, we've got you covered.

7. What safety measures does SMRT follow during installations?

Safety is paramount to us. Our technicians follow strict safety protocols in line with industry standards. All installations are performed with careful attention to both the appliance's specifications and the safety of your home and family.

8. Do you provide guidance on using the newly installed appliance?

Yes, post-installation, our team offers insights on optimal usage and maintenance tips. We want to ensure you get the best out of your appliance and understand its features.

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